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Become an Affiliate Partner and EARN!

If you have a social media presence with a passionate audience then we have the perfect products for them.
As a Partner Affiliate your followers will use your custom discount code to get a 10% discount on any of our products that you choose, and you will get 10% commission from every sale. Paid monthly, no catches.
We carry a broad range of wall art in every category so you can choose the perfect piece to suit your audience. Run periodic promotions with different designs to maximise your audience engagement!
As an influencer we know that you care about your audience, and that they are passionate about your content.
As an Affiliate Partner we make it easy for you to offer your audience a product they’ll love whilst rewarding you by increased audience engagement and monetising the time and effort you put into your channels.

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What we offer
  • Your own custom coupon code which gives your followers a discount on any purchase from Stretchr.co
  • Choose from our amazing catalogue of over 20,000 designs. We have something for every audience.
  • Quality canvas art and art prints at excellent prices, delivered directly from us to your customer. All you have do is refer the customer and we will take care of the rest.
  • Complete no-nonsense after sales customer service. Our customers are our priority. We will quickly and effectively handle any questions, delivery issues, returns or refunds.


What you get

  • 10% commission on every sale that you refer
  • Full transparency and automated tracking. Log in to your Partner Affiliate dashboard to track your sales and earnings at any point in time.
  • Hassle free process. You refer the costumer and we will take it from there. We handle everything from from taking payment, to shipping, to all after-sales queries.



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Need More Info!? Here's our FAQ


How much can I earn?
There is no limit to the number of customers that you can refer or the amount you can earn. We recommend running regular promotions and offering different designs to maximise your audience engagement.

Where do you deliver to, and what does it cost?
Shipping within the UK is free, and we offer worldwide delivery to cater for your global audience. Our postage charges are are always reasonable and in line with what it costs us to send an item

Where are you based
We are based in London, England. All of our items are made in, and dispatched from the UK.

Are your products any good?
As a canvas print and wall art specialist we take pride in our products. We use quality frames, canvas, printers and inks to ensure our customers are always satisfied. With over 20 years of experience in the business we know what works and what our customers love

How do I see my earnings?
When you sign up as a Partner Affiliate you’ll have access to a complete dashboard where you can track your sales, earnings and payouts in real time.

When do I get paid?
Payouts are made on the final business day of each calendar month to the PayPal address used when you register

At which point does my commission get tracked?
Your commission tracks when your referred customer completes his/her purchase using your custom discount code.

What happens if a customer I refer returns their order?
You will receive commission on every referred purchase, even if the customer later decides to return the item. We stand by the quality of our products.

How much commission will I be paid?
We will pay you commission at a flat rate of 10% of the order value (excluding shipping) for any sales you refer.

Can i get a higher commission rate?
If you generate 50 or more sales per month for 3 months we are able to offer you a preferential commission rate. Please contact us to discuss further.

Which images should I use to promote Stretchr.co designs?
We’ll provide you with clear images and full product details for every design, so you and your followers know exactly what’s on offer.

Can I have a free sample print?
Unfortunately we do not offer free samples, however as a potential Partner Affiliate we can offer you a deep discount of 50% on one item. Please DM @stretchr.co from your Instagram account for a voucher code.

Can I offer custom artwork in a design that you don’t have on your website?
If we don’t carry the print design that you want and you have a proven track record of audience engagement / conversions we’d be happy to offer you custom design, pricing and commission rates. Please contact us and let’s discuss.

How many followers do I need to qualify as a Partner Affiliate
We welcome any Instagram channel with more than 1000 followers. As a smaller channel your sales may be low to start with, but sharing products that your followers love will only help you to grow!

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